Construction Companies in Indore

Best Builders & Construction Companies in Indore

For a rapidly developing city like Indore, construction and real estate are essential factors. Be it industrial, residential, or commercial complexes, there are always lookouts for premier building companies for having construction needs met. If one starts searching for these companies, there is a lot to be found, but the premiere ones speak for themselves in terms of quality and service.

Construction Companies in Indore

Here are some of the top-rated Builders and Construction Companies spread across Indore.

1. Shree Kapishwar Builders and Developers

This enterprise is in the market for more than 25 years, and its reputation stands for itself. They are among the best and most prominent construction companies in Indore with an innumerable number of construction projects under their belt. With their location at a prime spot in the city, they are not at all alien to the locals of Indore, who will point any searcher for building-construction to this place. One of the best-rated companies with agility and vision of providing the best projects, Shree Kapiswar is way ahead of the race. Experience in these types of the industry does matter and this company has bountiful of it under its belt.

You can find them with the following details:

Contact +91-99935 21023
Address C-551, Sc No – 134, Near T10 Restaurant,

In Front Of Bank Of Baroda Star Chouraha, Tulsi Nagar,

Nipania, Indore – 452010,

2. Sarthak Estate Developers

Sarthak Estate Developers is a reputed name in the construction and building industry in Madhya Pradesh. They have already gained an excellent reputation for their superb ongoing projects and also ones that have already concluded. SED has gifted residents across Indore fantastic locations and homes for residing in, and their innovative planning and acquisition process makes them a giant in construction projects in the city. Sarthak Orchid and Sarthak Galaxy are renowned housing complexed in Indore, both constructed and maintained by this reputed enterprise.

Reach out to them at:

Number 731 4070801
Address 403 Mahasagar Corp, 10/4 Manorama Ganj,

Geeta Bhavan, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

3. Apollo Creations Pvt. Ltd.

Well, Apollo Creations is relatively new in business as compared to the companies mentioned above, but it has already made a quick start in the race to attain the top spot. Prakriti Enclave and Apollo Enclave are two of their reputed brainchild projects that have propelled their popularity significantly. Of all things, Apollo’s ability to complete tasks within a stipulated time is what makes them so popular. Along with their constituted and professional workforce, their intense grit at the field is what sets them apart from any other company in Indore.

Contact Them At:

Numbers +0731-3929127, +0731-2563421
Office Address – G/lo, Apollo Arcade, 1/2, Old Palasia, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

4. Oness Infra Pvt. Ltd.

Oness Infra is one of the best companies for having your architectural needs met. Their services are full-fledged, dedicated to providing the best services to their clients and delivering optimum results. They have top-notch architectural designs, and their engineers are equipped with state of the art machinery. The reviews attained by them so far is exemplary. With dozens of projects ongoing, Oness can be a one-stop solution for construction-based requirements. Most of their projects are constituted at prime locations of the city.

Address: Princes’ Business Skyline, Second floor, 211, A.B. Road, Scheme No. 54, Vijay Nagar, Indore, MP 452010

5. Man Developments

Since 20 years, Man Developments has been focused on delivering the best real estate projects to the city. They operate at the heart of the town but have also completed projects in Indore’s suburban areas. Reputation is their ultimate upkeep, and they are dedicated to maintaining that at all costs. With premium client support and on-time project delivery, they bring to clients various engineers and architectural experts who know their work better than anyone in the industry.

Contact 0731-4022668
Address: Man Heritage, 6/2, South Tukoganj,

Near High Court, Indore-1, Madhya Pradesh

6. Vishal Builders

Vishal Builders is not just another name in the list. They are a dedicated set of people who are who know their worth at all times. With a motto of delivering the best projects with the best budget allocation, Vishal Builders are satisfying clients for a decade now. The construction business is never a comfortable place where there are dozens of o challenges, but an entirely professional and dedicated team at the enterprise makes everything a walk in the park.

Address 16/F, 2nd Floor, Vatsalya, Sapna Sangeeta Road, Indore – 452001, Sneh Nagar
Contact +919893060660

7. Amrapali Group

Amrapali Group has an experience of 19 years combined in the real estate business and has delivered top-notch projects not only in Indore but across the nation. They are one of the most reputed firms in the industry. They have posed stiff contest to local enterprises due to their agile, dedicated human resources and a strong consumer service base. Handling clients is a menial task for them, delivering scheduled projects with the optimum results an easy run. Amrapali Group’s Modern Housing initiatives in Indore are premiere examples of lush housing complexes of the city. The prices are a bit above range, but the location and quality homes speak for themselves. With 25 ongoing and 40 already completed projects, this is one great company for your real estate needs.

Address Rau – Pithampur Rd, Rau, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 453331

8. BCM Group

BCM Group is a great and reputed name in the real estate business. Their already completed and best projects include BCM City, BCM Heights, BCM Paradise, located at the city’s prime locations. BCM boasts of optimum client service, along with a knack for finding the right places for their real estate projects. Their evaluation of markets in Indore is what landed them at the top spots in the construction company rankings. For a company like BCM Group that has been in the market for more than a decade and concluded projects like BCM Health Island, a hall of fame is nothing more than a compliment.

Contact 731-2579781,82
Address: BCM Heights, Shri Badal Chand Mehta Marg,

Sc No. 54, Indore 452010, Madhya Pradesh


Indore is now becoming an industrial belt of Madhya Pradesh and it is to be understood that the population across the area is going to become more diverse and expansive in the coming decades. Therefore, a need for top real estate projects is necessary.

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